Monday, April 6, 2009

Its a LOT quieter.....

.......... without these guys! I love craigslist! I had posted these guys at 8pm last night and by 10pm I had over 20 replies wanting them! This morning more and again tonight. I had a great retired couple come up from Long Prairie (about 75 minutes away) to come and get the geese and their neighbors wanted the ducks. I must admit after I posted them for sale I was hesitant as I really LOVE my ducks. But being practical and honest with myself I cannot afford to feed them and the outdoor pen they were in could really house my rams so it was a no brainer.

I do miss the ducks antics and happy go lucky attitudes. they always seemed happy to see me and came running to me each time I came to the barn area (they are free range from April until the first snow in October or November.)

Everytime this winter I would come into the barn I would hear the geese scream and hiss and the ducks happily quack to say hello and to ask where the feed was. I love the ducklings that hatch every spring and love to see the ducks swimming in our pond. It was a reality check to go to the barn after the couple left and when I opened the door........*silence*....... It was very strange and wasn't a good feeling. But they are in a better home now and I know they will not be eaten (by people at least).

A family photo before they were taken away. Saxony pair on the left and the two Swedish drakes in the middle (blue and silver) and the three Swedish hens in the back (black, chocolate and blue) and the pair of Embden Geese on the right. they were my first geese. LOUD but very elegant.

On a happy note my chickens have been bought and they go to their new home in May when the lady can pick them up. She's paying for their feed. I have a lady coming over on Wednesday to look at the Miniature horses and I pray they will love them and take them.

This all just makes sense and gives me a sense of peace. I am happy. For me and for them.


penni said...

Simplifying is so hard sometimes -- but it will be a relief to have cut back on the critters. It sounds like they'' have good homes.

Cynthia and Christopher said...

I know Garrett: I hated giving up my American Buffs but it really has made my money go further in such important ways. The truth is that all our livestock are also friends and it DOES hurt to let them go. Life just demands this of us sometimes. At least the darlings are with loving families...a true gift.

Becky Utecht said...

Isn't Craigslist great? I was happy to find a nice trio of Brown Chinese geese on Craigslist the other night, and so close to home. Congrats on reducing your numbers. I know how the silence can be sad though.

Juliann said...

I'll have to check out craigslist, I don't think I've ever been on it.
Garrett I think a lot of people go through similar cycles. They have too many animals and have to decide what to let go and what to keep. When it ceases to be fun and becomes a second job (that we loose money on), time to cut back.
We used to have sheep, horses, geese, domestic & exotic ducks, pheasant, turkeys, and over 70 breeding chickens. Hatched out over 1,000 chicks a year. Plus five pet dogs.
We are down to just the sheep, chickens, and four dogs.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Congratulations, Garrett; I think you are making responsible decisions that will benefit both you and the birds and animals you are placing in new homes. Not an easy thing to do, for sure.

Gail V said...

Good job, Garrett.
I have sent a lot of things on their way on Craigslist, and gotten stuff, too. Love that site.
And I bet it's nice to know your beautiful ducks will go on living happy, funny duck lives on another place, eh? It's smart to keep the numbers down-- so we can care well for the critters we keep.

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