Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A few BFL photos

I have to keep all branches of my blog followers happy so here are some BFL photos :)

Clockwise from top is Beechtree Kiloran ( NC, 45% UK), Crosswind Farm Clover (53% UK), Sheltering Pines Nubia (NC in the corner)(59% UK), ShelteringPines Morovia aka Ears ( 56.5% UK), Crosswind Farm Bea (NC, 54% UK)
Again Group shot. Natural colored girls from top, Nubia, Kiloran, Bea. White girls are half sisters. Bigger one on left is Beechtree Kershope and one on right is Morovia (aka Ears). Kiloran and Kershope are now ridiculously friendly and climb up the gates and fences to be scratched and loved on. Its much easier to move the girls with a bucket of alfalfa pellets rattling and they just follow behind quite readily. My obituary will probably read something like "Garrett was mauled by a stampeding flock of BFLs while trying to feed them their alfalfa pellets ;)

Morovia is on the left with Nubia's profile in the middle, and Kershope on the right.

Here is Kershope again (54.5% UK)
Her half sister Morovia
Crosswind Bea again


Somerhill said...

Well, its about time we get to see some beautiful sheep! (vbeg)

Becky Utecht said...

I agree with Lisa. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Carol said...

I don't know if I could of waited much longer! They are awesome! From this year's crop, Bea has a white brother, and Clover has two white brothers.

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