Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ok photos of the BFL and new Shetlands :)

Ok So i had to stay home this morning as my Grandpa is sick and I did the chores. Now I'm waiting for the mail so I figured I'd take some photos :)

I have named the BFL girl! Her name will be White Pine Kacy. K is for after her mother's first letter of her name, Kershope. I found the name on Kacy means "diligent during times of war". I thought it was very fitting since the first 12 hours with her mom were like a war. Her mom is very affectionate now and calls for her constantly.
such a looker if I do say so myself ;)

This is Nessebar's baby out of Jazz. The black krunet ram lamb. He has a very feminie head.
Below is Myra's boy playing hide and seek with mom :)
here is a better photo showing how amazingly crimpy and consistent he is throughout!

"Hey my due date is tomorrow!" That it is Eliza. And I'm glad! That poor udder is going to burst otherwise!


Cynthia said...

She is quite the gorgeously structured lamb Garrett. Seems all the longwools like to make their first year lambings dramatic. They do get better over the years so don't give up. Hope Kacy's promise unfolds for you!

Mim said...

BFL's are so elegant. Such a contrast to shetlands.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said... I guess I'm going to have to call!

stephen rouse said...

That BFL girl (lamb) is exquisite! Wow!

dreameyce said...

I just love the Blue Faces. Esp the fiber! So pretty :)

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