Sunday, April 5, 2009

Buffet Table

Michelle once described my life as not having too many things on my plate, but having too many things on my buffet table! I didn't fact I agreed. Hey, I like to be busy, stay busy, keep busy, be productive, see results, and a job well done, with hard work, determination and love goes a long way and I can sleep at night knowing that I did all I could during that day, and tomorrow would be full of new adventures...or a twist to the day to day things. It keeps my single life quite eventful and living alone in the middle of nowhere isn't so bad with my menagerie.

With the great economy as of late, everyone is downsizing, slimming, culling, not breeding, giving away, trading etc to get back to a more affordable limit. My buffet table needs to be come a plate....ok maybe a platter. Baby steps, baby steps!

Next weekend I have the Spring Exotic Animal auction in Perham here and I am going to move my miniature horses to it, my registered Pygmy Goat nannies (four), my Old English Game Bantams, my Embden Geese, Swedish Ducks, Saxony Ducks and probably my guineas and even many of my pigeons. Non essential hobbies at this point. I've never really made any money with the poultry (pigeons only as late) and the grain to feed them is expensive, they eat a lot and I just don't have the time for them. They give me joy in their own little ways but its not worth what they are eating right now!

Please if anyone would like them please let me know soon! Best offer or give away!

I am really going to concentrate on my sheep, dogs and cattle. They bring me the most joy and the sheep and cattle bring the most money (hey the dogs are a money pit as we dog owners all know...but we enjoy them so much!)

I have figured that the past year or so that I've been trying to sell the above critterse I've spent way more in feed than they are worth, and they are taking up pen space that I just can't afford to have filled with hobbies/pets that I don't see enough of.

I admit, I would miss them, and would be sad, but selling, dying, being born, buying, moving etc are all part of the farming life and I've grown up with it. Its part of life and when money is tight, things need to take priority.

If I can't afford to care for everything the way I'd want to, then I should have them. Plain and simple.

If anyone can help place these animals in homes that would love them forever, please let me know

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Good luck downsizing to a platter. It's hard enough getting rid of clutter in the house; SO much harder with real, live animals and fowl! Off to take my newest twins and their mom out for a walkabout in the sunshine before an evening meeting.....

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