Monday, November 24, 2008

Breeding Groups together

Well I just got done putting my breeding groups together. And of course last minute, I did a few switch-er-oo's :)

I decied to put FirthofFifth Rooibos back in with Jazz as I let her ewe lamb from this year go live in Michigan with Stephen Rouse :) RiverOaks Lucy was going to go with Jazz, but last minute put her in with Barish as they both are poll carriers. Both Rooibos and Lucy were AI'ed and these are just the 'clean up' groups.

I also decided to put my Sedalia in with Arapaho at the very last second. I've decided to only leave my groups together until Dec 31st and then the ewe lambs will be put BACK together in a group so they don't have to compete again for feed.

Jazz was quite excited to in with the girls and he came up to me after I was done moving everyone around to say thank you and begged to be scratched on the neck...The trance and the glossy eyes, uplifted tail and squatty stance never changes. And for a boy who SHOULD be sniffing girls it was cute to see he appreciated the girls finally :)

Barish was like "oh hey girls!, but then turned to continue eating. He did eventually walk around sniffing, but those poll carriers seem to be so more laid back than the horned counterparts.

Arapaho was ecstatic, and was busy grabbing mouthfuls of hay before running back after his small group of girls.

Burma - the natural colored BFL got in his pen and stood there is disbelief! He started doing the "ram grunt" but just stood frozen in the pen while the girls surrounded him. Bea, even tried mounting HIM, which he didn't like and I think it kicked in his hormones as then proceeded to sniff everyone and then they all got down to business of eating hay. No one seemed receptive today but I've never witnessed a mating, so I'm not worried.

Due date is April 20th, which is the day after I return from the CWCCA National Specialty! I hope they all decide to wait until I get back! The AI group will have lambed March 20th so I'll know for sure if those girls settled to the AI, or if the groundbreeding boys did their clean up duty. Time will tell.....

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