Monday, November 24, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge

Howdy folks! How are you feeling?

I feel AMAZING! No more migraines, no more limbs falling asleep at night when I sleep. I no longer feel tired. But WOW is my family out to get me!

I have been faithful in my eating habits. No deep fried foods, no pop, no white bread/rice/flour/sugar. No candy/chocolate. We went to Zorbaz, an amazing pizza and mexican place. I had a grilled chicken salad (which was amazing FYI!) I didn't even have one nacho.

Last night we went to the bowling alley. My sister said it would be ok to eat there. they didn't even have a side salad. Everything was deep fried or pizza. I ordered the nachoes (thinking salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, olives are better than french fries)

I've lost an amazing 12 pounds so I'm down 21 pounds from when I started. I'd like to lose another 20 pounds but don't realitiscally think that my body will want to do that. And can I keep it off til the National? Let's try.

Last year this time I was going through another weight loss challenge with Rayna. I was running every day and eating right....the morning of Thanksgiving I ran twice and far so I could feel ok about pigging out for the big Turkey day meal ;) It was almost painful I ate so much but I do love food so it was good to 'reward' myself for one day.

And I'm not cutting ALL bread or ALL dairy or nothing like that out of my daily meals. Its all about moderation and thinking about what I'm eating before I eat it.

Breakfast: Cheerios or something healthy in 1% milk. No sugar.
Lunch: Spinach salad with low fat whole grain croutons, light ranch, shredded cheese and sometimes grilled chicken, bacon or ham roast (wow that was good) sometimes I add some multi-grain tortilla chips to it for something different.
Supper: Usually a spinach salad again, sometimes I do a 'wrap' and have it in that for a different meal (usually tomato basil or spinach wrap)

I try to eat more meals a day, just smaller, so I'll have a can of light soup or atleast a soup that is broth based and not gravy based. A can is less than 200 calories and fills you up (if you eat slow enough, which is always my problem).

I haven't ran as much this week, but I've still been very active in my remodel of my kitchen, cleaning pigeon lofts, sheep pens and whatnot.

AND its quite cold here so that burns calories trying to stay warm right? :)

How is everyone doing? Let's see if I can keep it off til April...that's almost 5 months away!


penni said...

I wish it was easy -- I've been challenging Revlon, Avon, L'Oreal to develop a Shampoo-in Fat Remover (we call it SIFR) -- just lather up, wait an hour, rinse it off -- along with all the unwanted pounds. It's really on my wish list along with winning the lottery.

It is easier to lose when you have an active job. I sit on my rear listening to clients' excuses all day long. So have to make activity after the day's work.

Keep it up!

Jinnie said...

Men! she says with disgust! You guys can lose weight so fast. Good for you.

coopercreek said...

Great job, Garrett! Send some of that willpower to me.

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