Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Fab 4

If you didn't know, Barb and Maggie had a hard time with the litter. With hundreds of calls to vets, specialists, long time breeders and many tests/necropsies no one knows why but one by one, the pups would expire. The only ones to make it were the ones that they didn't have to work on when the pups were born and that steadily gained weight.

I refer to them as the Fab 4, and I've been begging for photos of the puppies since they were born....hopefully when they get a bit bigger I can post individual post of the pups for everyone to see.

I don't know any more about the pups at this point, but if you wanted to contact Barb, I'm sure she'd be happy to fill you in!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh, how heartbreaking to lose seven of those beautiful pups! I'm so sorry, Garrett.

Sharrie said...

I was so thrilled with the 11 puppies and now to hear that seven of them didn't make it. How sad. The four that did are "fab" like you say.

Somerhill said...

So sorry about the lost puppies, Garrett. I know you will enjoy those remaining - they look so chubby I just want to pick one up and give it a big snuggle! Mmmmmm - puppy breath. :^)

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