Monday, November 10, 2008

Pigeon Showing

I thought I would enlighten some of you to the world of Pigeon Showing. I have borrowed a few photos from the National Pigeon Association webpage which you can find at Its for educational purposes!

1. They have all descended from the Rock Dove aka Barn Pigeon of Europa. (even our barn pigeons now are descendents from the Europa Rock Dove)

Exhibition Homer (mostly bred down from Racing Homers in the UK)

Bokhara Trumpeter (thought to have been breed originally from the Bokhara area of Russia)

Scandaroon (a middle eastern breed, bred orignally near and around Baghdad)

English Trumpeter (the name makes you think England, but it was actually developed in the USA and Canada over the last 55 years) My favorite breed of pigeon. I do raise all of the above photographed breeds, but these are not my birds unfortunately!

Fortunately we are able to import from Europe so the Exhibition Homers and Scandaroons are recent imported bloodlines that I have. The Bokharas are also imported regularily but you will not find any better English Trumpeters than here in North America!

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Juliann said...

How beautiful they all are! I love pigeons, expecially the fancy ones. Maybe someday I'll get some tumblers or something. I also really like the runts.
We have a friend who races and he gave us some blue bars. They were pretty neat but a little boring...and one day they few away.

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