Monday, November 10, 2008


Living alone creates a lot of issues and situations:
1. Who is responsible for this mess?!
2. Who has to clean this up!
3. Who has pooper scooper patrol?
4. Who is hogging the blankets (this is usually the dogs being bed hogs)
5. It is ok to talk to yourself (and answer yourself)
6. It is ok to talk to the animals (and they talk back)
7. It is ok to announce you are going to the bathroom
8. It is ok to walk around your house in your birthday suit
9. Its still necessary to have good eating etiquite even though you are the only one eating it
10. Who drank my last Diet Dew!
11. Who ate my last Hershey's bar!

I guess the answer to all of the above is me. And yes I do talk to myself, to the dogs and to the sheep. Its very funny going out (on that rare occassion) and announcing to your buddies that you are going 'to go potty'. Hey the dogs get it, they should too.

Dog shows make me feel pretty normal...everyone says "i'm going potty"...and everyone there is just as crazy as me! (sheep shows are nearly the same..if not more crazy!)

ha ha ha


Rayna said...

Yeah, but I *don't* live alone and I do most of those things....LOL. Not walking around the house nekkid though....*shudder*.

Somerhill said...

HAHA Garrett, you sound perfectly normal to me!
Dittoes on the Diet Mt Dew!

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