Sunday, November 16, 2008

Busy weekend

Now don't think I just sit around and mope all the time! Its usually just the evenings or right before bed that I get a little lonely. My days are usually packed!

We (my dad and I) did a remodel of another cattle loafing barn. Yup. the "white calf barn" which is attached to the "dairy" barn (also white in color) was the latest casualty. The lean over the years has housed new born dairy calves, dry cows (those not in lactation) and weaned beef calves and also up close beef cows. With a few heave-ho's we knocked the old feeders down, scraped the remnant cow manure out with the loader tractor and let it dry. Then limed it, put hog panels up, built a few feeders based on the Premier feeders (minus the panel inserts...we used wood slats instead) and PRESTO! A new loafing lean for the sheep...or whatever I deem necessary.

With the continuation of downsizing our beef herd and the potential for adding a market flock of sheep....these barns are like huge Christmas presents just begging to be redone for the smaller, less destructive, easier to handle species :)

On top of deer hunting, house cleaning (and now a wild hair to remodel the kitchen in less than three weeks for my black tie affair :note: CRAZY) I will be indeed busy. I sure hope the snows stays away until AFTER my party! Then let 'er rip!

The kitchen is really the last room that hasn't been altered in at least some way...since my parents moved into their new house now nearly five years ago. I was always told it was so expensive to do....but I went to Menards and did some pricing...its way cheaper than I thought...and I can do a lot of the work myself...wall paper, paint, sanding, staining, and have a friend that can put down the new flooring fairly fast. I'm kind of excited for it to look a bit more ME and a lot more updated ;)


Rayna said...

Has it been 5 years since they moved?! Wow...time flies...

Sharrie said...

Keep up the enthusiasm. You will need it. Best of luck!

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