Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yes I still have sheep

I wanted to get some photos posted of my sheep to prove to you that I do indeed have them on my farm :) Its been awhile since there were any photos of the woolly beasts.

Penni had asked for a few head shots of my sheep to be used in a silent auction/fundraiser item for the CWCCA National Specialty. I can't seem to send them to her directly as I think the photos are too large. I'll keep trying Penni!

This is Justalit'l Shasta, an Ag/Aa Black Smirslet Flecket. She is also horned and one is 'wonky' and sticks straight up. She knows how to use it to. She is AI bred to Campaign Timothy. She's one of my tamest girls begging for attention.

FirthofFifth Barish is my F1 Campaign Timothy son and is an obvious poll carrier due to his long scurs/aberrant horns that are perfectly symmetrical. He got a large group of ewes this fall and is quite happy about it. I thought the sun shining on this photo was kind of neat.

WhitePine Castle Rock. She is out of Jazz and Justalit'l Chloe. She could be homozygous katmoget but for sure carries moorit from her momma. She has a very fluffy hind end which makes her look not level, but she is...... She is in Barish's breeding group. Hoping for more gorgeous dark blue katmoget fleeces!

This is White Pine Skor and River Oaks Lucy. Skor is a shaela out of Bourbon and the late Meleng. Both parents were modified and so is she. She is with Barish in hopes of a polled ram and modified to boot! She is one of my softest ewes with gorgeous crimp and single coat.

These two girls are Wintertime Galina, a solid sided black gulmoget out of Wintertime Black Forrest and ShelteringPines The Holy Grail. The white ewe lamb is WhitePine Rush, the F2 Orion daughter of out the F1 FirthofFifth Aman and RYL Rachildas. She carries modified and moorit under that white and I'm excited to see what both girls throw next spring as they are with Jazz this fall

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