Thursday, November 6, 2008

A few sheep photos

Let's update. Ah yes.

The first two photos are of WhitePine Romeo, an F2 Timothy, 42% UK with fairly small scurs. He is out of FirthofFifth Barish and FirthofFifth Rahu. Barish microned at 20.2 AFD this spring, and Rahu was 24 AFD, so I'd think Romeo will be just as soft. Micron report pending. He is very square with lots of crimp. He's available for sale. He's also very full of VM!

This is WhitePine Longmont, a NCWGA registerable ram, He is out of WhitePine Heath who microned at 18.9 AFD this spring and Wintersky Layla AI who is the F1 Orion. He's also available. Super crimp, soft handle, square build. Nice wide sweeping horns. And yes I just fed them :)

I love this one! WhitePine Rico, F2 Orion, I believe 37% UK, silky soft handle, almost BFL like fleece the crimp is just amazing. Micron results pending. He is also for sale. He looks square from the side, with scurs. I'm waiting to see how his rear finishes growing. At birth he was quite square, while at WS&WF he was quite narrow. Hence we are growing him on. His twin sister, Rush, the white ewe lamb I had is just gorgeous!

Here I am the pied piper, with what the girls think is a full grain pail (but its empty...ha ha) My mature girls.

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