Wednesday, November 26, 2008

what's the big deal?

Charlie MacInnes wrote on ShowCardi-L today and I took these sentences from his post.

"What is a backyard breeder? First of all, they are folks that the
speaker does not like. Usually they live far away, because it's easier
to dislike people you don't know. In some cases it is as simple as the
fact that "that damned person's dogs keep beating mine in the ring", but
the speaker doesn't like the breeding behind the dogs in question. And so on . . . There is no clear definition of the term backyard breeder, there is only a list of the terrible things they do. How many of those terrible things apply to us depends on who is listing, and why."

Its kind of like the Religion issue. Anyone who is more in tune with God than us, is a lunatic,and those with less, are lost souls. Why are we the perfect 'ideal' person?

I laugh when people call me a puppy mill. Really? I've had zero litters. Now I'm a dog hoarder. Really? Last I checked I have equal to or less dogs than any other Cardigan breeder/show-er in Minnesota. I'm thinking what Charlie says above holds true for my situation. There always has to be someone worse than you so you can feel better about yourself and your dogs.

Pity really.

This is honestly the last I have to say about any of this nonsense. If you took the time to get to know me and not assume or make up stuff to rub your own ego, you'd realize I'm not a bad person and quite open to discuss any misconceptions you have about me.

Now. On to much happier and realistic things!


Juliann said...

If somebody ever said that about you, I'd say they were an idiot and it sounds like sour grapes to me!
From what I've seen, you treat your dogs the way that all dogs should be treated! Like family.
If you were involved in breeding, you want to breed good animals, you would be careful to better the breed and care where each animal is going, and you would care for their mental and physical beings. And you show.
I'm sure if you came across a hard luck Corgi, you would rescue it and find it a good home!
That is not what puppy mills do! They just propogate, they don't care about the dogs, it's all about the money!
I actually stopped being friends with a girl when she stared breeding dogs for money and I didn't think she was taking good care of the dogs, I just can't stand it!!!
The good dog breeders out there should be working hard at stamping out the REAL puppy mills, they make every breeder look bad! People who don't know any better tend to lump every dog breeder in togeter.
People need to be more careful where they buy puppies from.
We just busted a puppy mill in our county, bunches of filthy matted dogs crammed in cages in a garage. Who turned them in? The AKC! Good job AKC!

Tammy said...

Hi Garrett,
From reading your blog and all the research and care you put into your animals, I'm pretty sure you aren't a 'backyard breeder". I consider a byb to be the average family/person who acquires a dog (cat, horse, whatever) that is purebred, and thinks they are going to make big bucks. Of course they ignore the fact that is has lousy conformation, temperment, oversized (undersized) etc. etc. It's PUREBRED! They also ignore basic care---shots, proper nutrition, excersize & socializing. That (in my feeble little mind) is a byb at it's worst. Puppy mills are over sized byb. And for the most part are horrible places. There are always people who will be the exception to the rule, of course, but I sure don't think the word applies at to your situation.

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