Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breeding Groups

I think I have finally decided on breeding groups:

Drum roll please..........

Wintertime Jazz AI - 87% UK *F1 Jericho, F2 Drum Ram, F3 Drum Jings, F4 Kier Gordon*, spotted gray katmoget, will get four of my AI ewes as a 'clean up' ram, and then 14 other ewes and ewe lambs. He really improves most everything he's put to so I have him with some of my least fine, as well as some of my finest.

Minwawe Flopsy - moorit six year old ewe. She is 100% domestic and is a known spot carrier.
Minawwe Sea Breeze - moorit yuglet sokket. Ewe lamb out of Shetlering Pines Windsprite and a Minwawe ram whose name escapes me.
Minwawe Dark Chocolate - black ewe lamb. Out of a spotted ram and her brother was one big spot. She has some decent crimp coming in even though she is 100% domestic lines.
Minawe Sterling - black krunet - she's not the best conformationally, but she threw magic this spring when bred to Jazz....a spotted katmoget ewe lamb with UK style fleece! I'm hoping to repeat that breeding the same exact way!
Minwawe Dixie Cup - black smirslet - I think she's now shaela. She is my best Minwawe girl and in my top 10 for best overal micron reports. She was bred to Barish last year and gave me a really cute, crimpy black smirslet ewe lamb.
Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud - gray katmoget 25% UK - This is Suzanne Nevada's ewe and the lambs will be going up to AK next spring!
Sheltering Pines Fleu de Lis - smirslet gray katmoget 44%UK Double F3 Minder,etc. I'm hoping for spotted lambs from this pair!
Sheltering Pines Myra - smirslet gray katmoget -
Sheltering Pines Nessebar - fawn katmoget -
Wintertime Galina - black solid sided gulmoget - 47% UK, daughter out of Wintertime Black Forrest
WhitePine Rush - white ewe lamb - F2 Orion, 37.5% UK
BonoCreek Lavender Brown - fawn 36%UK, unable to be AI'ed, she will go back to Jazz and hope for a ewe lamb out of her!
WinterSky Layla AI - F1 Orion - mioget 62% UK
White Pine Twix - moorit - 19% UK

And then the four ewes that were AI'ed that are going with Jazz as a clean up ram are:
FirthofFifth Booto - fawn katmoget F1 Timothy 53% UK
RiverOaks Lucy - gray katmoget 34% UK
FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn - mioget 25% UK
Underhill Ulla - moorit ewe - 38% UK F2 Jamie

FirthofFifth Barish - F1 Timothy 53% UK, gray katmoget (carries modified) will get:
FirthofFifth Taika - black gulmoget - 44% UK
White Pine Skor - Shaela - 28% UK - hoping for modified!
River Oaks Eliza - white - 18% UK - she carries polled I think so she's going to Barish!
Minwawe RedBud - shaela - domestic ewe - she threw an emsket ram lamb out of Barish this spring, I'm hoping for an emsket EWE lamb now!
WhitePine Sheridan - black smirslet, Jazz ewe lamb 56%UK
WhitePine Westminster - gray smirslet katmoget - Jazz ewe lamb 43.5%UK
WhitePine Castle Rock - gray katmoget, Jazz ewe lamb 59% UK

I also will the remaining 6 ewes that were AI'ed in with Barish for a 'clean up' ram.
Those are:
Justalit'l Black Lambo - black 25%UK
Justalit'l Shata - Ag gray smirslet flecket - 25% UK
Justalit'l Chloe - fawn katmoget - 31%UK
RYL Rachildas - white illget - 13% UK
Underhill Peep - musket - F2Greyling, F2 Jamie
FirthofFifth Rooibos - fawn 25%UK

UnderTheSon Arapaho - moorit - 42% UK F2 Orion I have decided will get three ewes.
FirthofFifth Rahu - white - 31%UK and my softest ewe
Black Forest Tilly - black solid sided gulmoget - Forrest daughter 44%UK
WhitePine Centennial - gray katmoget - Jazz daughter 59% UK

Sheltering Pines Burma - the Natural Colored/English Blue BFL will get all 7 of my BFL ladies.

That is about the number of ewes I had exposed last year, so I really haven't changed the number of sheep I've ketp, just the make up of the flock.

I am holding back my three youngest and smallest ewe lambs and won't breed them this year. Several ewe lambs didn't settle when exposed last year so that is ok with me!

I will only have ONE more pen to water than I do now, once the musical chairs are completed, but that won't happen until around Thanksgiving as I don't want any lambs while I am away at the CWCCA National Specialty!


Rayna said...

No matter what you breed to Jazz, it'll be good :) Something you said about crimp coming in sparked something in my mind...I forgot to tell you! Iduna is getting crimp in! I'm sooooo happy! :) She's that naughty little moorit with the tiny little white spot on her head that likes to butt me? Yeah, I parted her fleece the other day because she has lovely fleece to feel, and I looked down at the bottom and went "OMG!" lol. Very happy! :)

Kara said...

I can't wait to see your lambs, it sounds like you have some great groups there. Name that escapes you: Minwawe Captain I bet, I think you ewe lamb is a full sis to Bahama's dam.

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