Sunday, November 16, 2008

A funny HA HA, and a decade of living

For those of you with a sense of humor and musical knowledge....

This shows the SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit from yesterday with Beyonce and Justin Timberlake in a funny/silly skit. I cracked up. I'm easily humored ;)

Tonight my movie plans fell through so I ended up staying home and watching MTV. I haven't watched this channel in literally years as I don't typically watch TV except for the occasional BBC America or BravoTV. Anyway they were having a TRL Finale. For those not familiar with TRL its a Total Request can call in or text or webcam/email their votes for their 10 top videos of the day M-F. I grew up with MTV. My college years revolved around that channel, TRL, current events worldwide, the hippest songs and clothes...what was 'in', and what wasn't. I couldn't believe it was their FINALE! Where have I been?!

A small recap of the show....all the old VJs were there a host of live performances and musician call ins/stop ins etc. All of them reliving TRL and what it had become. The social interaction of fans and their beloved artists.

TEN YEARS they claim to have been on the air. Wow...have I really been around to watch all 20 some years of The Real World? Yikes. I started thinking back to 10 years ago and where I was:

Let's see. The year was 1998. I had just started college in Fargo, ND and was living in the dorm. I had a terrible roommate who always told me i had to leave because his girlfriend was coming to stay the night. I ended up many nights in the all girls dorm and slept on one of my friends' floor.....I hadn't really met a lot of people yet that first semester (I met all my great friends in the dorms the 2nd year!)

MTV was my source for all that was fashion, music, cars, world news, etc etc. I worked at a clothing store called Structure (currently called Express Men (owned by The Limited)) and spent a lot of my spare time driving home to help out at the farm....hey what is a farm kid supposed to do in the city! There is no where to roam!

10 years ago I had a horse named Lila, a handful of cows and about 100 pigeons. No dogs. No fish. No Noah's Ark. I drove a '92 Ford Ranger some times and sometimes my mother's 96 Pontiac Grand Prix. I went over across the river to see my best friend Belle at Minnesota State - Moorhead and ended up dating her roommate Miranda. Up until this point I had never experimented with alcohol, cigarettes or women. Every experience was new and exciting and scary.

On a Saturday night I was usually home on the farm or at a pigeon show. I spent my weekends at home (unless I had to work) and loved being back on the farm and helping where I could. During the week I had more and more social activities to do, I joined clubs on campus, I worked, and I partied like a rock star. Up all night and dance dance dance!

10 years forward here I am. I rarely drink, and if I do, its a glass of wine or maybe a few Captain Diets. I'm a light weight now. I can't sleep in as late as I want and can't stay up as late as I want. The dogs still get up at 6am whether I'm ready for the day or not! During the weekend you can find me at a dog show, sheep show or pigeon show. If not that, a wedding dance. More so I just sit at home. And look. (at the wall). During the week I'm too tired to go out. My schedule is much more cyclical thanks to the needs of all my critters, but mostly my 5 dogs.

10 years ago I just did what I wanted when I wanted. Now if I want to go somewhere I take the dogs with me, or have to find a sitter. My life is no longer just what I want, but what my animals depend on me for.

My days seem long as I work alone. I love the fact I am my own boss but it gets lonely. I also live alone. My roommates are long gone...married and with kids. I'm still here. I graduated college six years ago (almost 7). My oldest dog Sadie will be 4 next Friday. FOUR. I can't believe how fast life is going.

I don't do the bar scene anymore. Mostly because everyone my age has kids and real jobs. I'm being forced to be a homebody here where I live. that is just what people are expected to do when they get this age. Then when I do go out I can't believe how much money i used to waste on cover charges, clothes, drinks, shots, etc. I do enjoy my time at home alone but I think I also need some social circle.

Sure I have my friends. I have friends that live only 10 miles away. But most of my 'close by' friends are married and have their own lives now. When we do have time, one of us is gone or too tired. My best friends all live in other states or hours away. My sheep and pigeon and dog friends are all a good couple of hours away too.

I tried calling a few of my bff's tonight to meet in Detroit Lakes for the new James Bond movie. Mark and Rory had just gotten home from DL and Missy was too hungover from a bachelorette party in Fargo and couldn't drive down. I went through my one else even lives close enough to just grab a movie.

Ten years ago I could have yelled out my bedroom/dorm room and asked if someone wanted to go to a movie. I always had someone ready to go do something.....

Maybe I'll run again...a good way to think

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Jinnie said...

I too traded an "active" social life for the dogs and I couldn't be happier. Thank goodness for long distance and the web or I'd never see my friends.

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