Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Listen - Simply Amazing

This gave me goosebumps and tears to my eyes. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to download to watch!


Rayna said...

Pretty darn good for as young as they look :) Just wait a few years when their voices mature... :)

penni said...

Garrett, you get a prize for posting this one.

I have been a sports participant/fan since I was a little kid (which was some time ago) and to this day, when the Star Spangled Banner is sung before an event, I feel stupid proud and the back of my neck tingles. I want to try out for the Olympics, or, at least buy savings bonds. Isn't it amazing?

Our Lady Lobos completed a three-day roung robin tournament last night (beating Depaul by two points in the final seconds). On Sunday night, the singer's microphone went out and the crowd of nearly 8,000 people sang the Anthem with her -- I was crying.

Sherilyn said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing! :)

Winjammin' said...

The way the anthem should be sung!! If I was on the court for that, I couldn't help but be motivated to play well.

Kudos to you for finding and posting this!

Becky Utecht said...

I loved it, too. What great voices! Thanks for sharing this.

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