Monday, November 17, 2008

Doggie update

Mitcham laying ON my lap, stomach, hand/arm. Luckily my 'free' arm was able to reach the camera for a good photo of him. He's usually too close for a good photo :) He's sure growing into a stately boy!

They are not possessed (my kodak photo shop doesn't get rid of green eyes..and I can't blacken them in) Here are Oliver and Ell waiting for dad (that's me) to scratch

Zoe just exhausted after a long bone chewing.

Sadie watching a dog running on the movie

Pretty much sums it up, huh?


Sharrie said...

I would never have recognized Sadie in profile. She looks so different.

Sherilyn said...

Too cute! I love the sign about other dogs and children MUST be on a leash! :) hehe

coopercreek said...

Great candid shots of the furkids.

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