Thursday, November 20, 2008


Let's many things I want to write about, and since I have TBD (too busy disorder) and ADOS (Attention Deficit .....OOOH Shiny!) I tend to forget to write them all down for later.

A few points to ponder:
1a. I was on my way to the LAI near Oconomowoc, WI. I stopped for supper at a Subway at a larger gas station. I was friendly to the quite seriously hot gal working there. I mean I'm always nice, but was REALLY nice to her, almost flirty, but not quite. It worked ;) And to think I LOST my 'game'....I just haven't had the opportunity to use it often!

1b. A week or so passes and I'm able to strike up a conversation with a gal at one of our grocery stores. It turns into a 'numbers' exchange again and much to my surprise she called me first! WOW! Could I really be 2 for 2? That is surely an amazing feat.

In HS (high school) I was voted Biggest Flirt.....I can't help that when I talk to people in general...I'm always grabbing their arm, or shoulder or hand to talk to them. Some girls took it as "i'm interested" and it got me into situations I didn't know even existed! It also happened in college and I had to learn to not touch people all the time when I talk. Just because I'm open, friendly and upfront, doesn't mean everyone else likes that! :)

2. Where the heck is the snow? I refuse to believe that winter needs to be so cold and no snow. If its going to be this cold we should have 4 feet of snow. Instead we have ZERO snow, it hasn't snowed yet here and the high today here was 12 degrees. Without windchill. With windchill it was -2. That was our 3pm high. Exciting times yes.

3. I'm excited for the St Paul three day dog show! Some great friends of mine in Cardi's are coming to the show and it should be a REALLY good amazing time with people with like minds and goals. I can't wait! I hope it doesn't storm that weekend or I won't be able to go!

4. Breeding groups are edging closer and closer to reality. I want to wait until next tuesday (or monday) to put my groups together. And its none too soon! My boys are getting ANTSY!

5. The sheep bloggers have been lacking in new blogs (except for Michelle and Kara)! Even Nancy is posting less than usual! Come on folks! Its free to post! This is one of the only things NOT affected by the recession! :)

I think I'm going to go to bed and re-read all the past CWCCA bulletins I've gotten. There is a lot of information there to be learned if you are willing to take the time to read it


Jinnie said...

You want snow? Being a desert rat I don't get the snow thing. Snow is bad :-)

Sherilyn said...

I'm with you, Jinnie! Garrett can have ALL of our snow that we are supposed to have here in Iowa!! Watch out what you wish for, G! LOL

I'm with you...can't wait for the St. Paul show! Boo's puppies come out, good friends and great food, and I think Bekka is even planning on coming with us so we can help her celebrate her 25th bd! :)

Until then, have a wonderful holiday, and keep the snow up there! ;)


Wrensong Farm said...

Well, seeing as I suffer from TBD and ADOS, it's MY excuse for not blogging lately. :) I'm planning on getting my breeding groups together tomorrow so hopefully will do a sheep post that night.

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