Friday, March 13, 2009

1 week.....

I've been spending a LOT of time in the barn waiting and watching the expectant ewes. Only one week until their official due date but now I am expecting them at any time. Becky Utecht reminded me today that she was going to put her 'ewe tube' out in the barn. What a great idea! I don't have to do middle of the night barn checks in the cold! I have one coming overnight from!

Since it WAS nice outside today (almost 30 here) I did spend some time in the sun with them. Unfortunately for me, only a few girls are interested in scratches this year. Last year I had 6-8 ewes pushing and shoving for my attention. Most of them are now in IL at a petting zoo! Lucky girls. I digress. So I of course am checking udders, bellies, position of lambs in the ewes. I'm so amazed the way the ewes carry them differently. Kim pointed out yesterday that she thought Booto was indeed bred due to the belly hanging so low underneath herself. I DID notice a couple of days ago that Booto's back end was a bit more swollen than a typical ewe that is not due in a matter of days :) Her udder had also gone from nonexistant to somewhat of a hint of an udder ;) Today I'm happy to report an ever growing udder. Almost like watching grass grow. Ok nothing like watching grass grow other than the fact that its growing FAST!

Tomorrow night in Fargo we are having our annual Awards Banquet for the FMKC. Sadie gets two plaques for her CGC and NAJ as she earned them prior to 2009. Oliver gets his RN as he earned his prior to 2009. So it should be a fun night with dog friends!

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