Monday, March 16, 2009

Ewes in the sunshine

Some of the ewes I tried to take photos of that I haven't gotten in awhile.

(do you see I'm trying to keep myself busy not thinking about lambs?)
The above girl is Bono Creek Lavender Brown. She is a really dark fawn and was bred to Jazz again this year as she wasn't able to be AI'ed (too much fat in the way!) She will be available for sale after weaning her lambs. (Hey Rich! This is Leyland's grandmother!)
Sheltering Pines Nessebar - smirlset gray katmoget (very spotted head at birth) is bred to Jazz. She was out of ShelteringPines Starry Starry Night and Sheltering Pines Morgan Le Fey.
This a hodge podge group. Sedalia, Rush, (katmoget and white in the back that I raised) Wintertime Galina and Black Forest Tilly (both gulmogets out of Wintertime Black Forrest) and Sheltering Pines Snow Cloud out of Underhill Thelonius Monk and ShelteringPines Snowy. She is here to get bred and have lambs for Suzanne In Alaska! She was bred to Jazz, as was Galina and Rush.
This is WhitePine Westminster out of Jazz and LittleRedOak Wren. She was exposed to Barish. She carries moorit, was very spotted at birth (including large smirslet face) and is available for sale right now. Contact me for more info.
WhitePine Skor out of FirthofFifth Don Telmo Bourbon and FirfthofFifth Assam Meleng. Skor is a gorgeous shaela ewe who was bred to Barish in hopes of the ever elusive emsket. She is a probably poll carrier as well and so is Barish so we have hopes for polled and modified! ShelteringPines Fleur de Lis is in the background who was bred to Jazz for spotted kats!

Here is a hodge podge again! The white in the back is RiverOaks Eliza, the fawn kat laying down is ShelteringPines Myra who is out of Starry Starry Night and Canosia Farm May. The Gray Kat is WhitePine Castle Rock out of Jazz and Justalit'l Chloe, then White Pine Rush who is out of FirthofFifth AmanAI and RYL Rachildas. And the two gulmoget ewes again, Galina and Tilly. Myra the fawn kat was bred to Jazz and Castle Rock is bred to Barish.
RiverOaks Eliza was supposed to be AI'ed but the day before the sponges were to be pulled her's came out! She is ground bred to Barish. Rush the cutie pie is bred to Jazz.

White Pine Centennial. The gray katmoget I showed at Jefferson last year and was 8th out of 16 I think? She was 1st place single coat :) She is bred to UndertheSon Arapaho. She is Castle Rock's twin sister out of Jazz and Chloe.

And below.....

Is my favorite.....if you didn't know already.....

WHITEPINE SEDALIA! Out of Jazz and Minwawe Sterling. She is a smirslet gray katmoget with two sokkets (not four). You just just see her perfect body....topline, tail, rear leg set, single coated fleece and she has presence in the pasture. She takes my breath away. Last second I put her with Arapaho as well....time will tell if she took.
The dark shadow across her face is the shadow from the gate. Otherwise a cute photo :)

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Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Good looking flock! Every day of waiting for lambs seems like a week doesn't it?

Sedalia is your favorite? I haven't sensed that.


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