Saturday, March 14, 2009

A few poultry

Its been a while since poultry photos. These are what I have left of my OEGB (Old English Game Bantams). Only three roosters and three hens. I am planning on keeping a trio (for what reason I have no idea) and these are the four Guinea hens I bought at the Auction last fall in Perham. Rayna and her mom and I picked out a few that we thought were hens. The next day we realized ALL four were hens. Now I just need a few roosters! I have two Pearl, one Pearl Pied and a Lavender. The Lavender is my favorite one hands down. Anyone have any Guinea Hen roosters they want to trade for some ducks, geese or OEGB?
Fawn Silver Duckwing Rooster - hatch 2008

Fawn Silver Duckwing hen - hatch 2008

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Kara said...

Garrett I sent you an email, did it go through?

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