Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am impatient and GUESS THAT EWE!

I cannot STAND waiting for these AI ewes to lamb. Udders and bellies fool me into thinking they could go at any minute. Yesterday I was watching a lamb do a jig inside his momma's belly (Shasta for those curious). Today Rachildas was calling out to some imaginary lamb her mother alert/protective call. They are so close I can nearly smell them lol. And i Know I have 2 weeks from today until their official due date!

This is my first attempt at AI with sheep and I was extremely nervous I did it wrong, even though I was given step by step instructions for sponges and hormones. I was wondering if I did it wrong, took them out too soon, too early, not enough hormones, etc. I was also nervous as its some of the last straws of many of the rams I used so if they didn't take I'm out that expensive semen as well. All risks I had to take, and I'm glad I did! I'm already planning another AI :)

Last year I was taking photos of big bellies, udders, rears and contemplating when they would go after I had put the rams in with them. I was off by about 2 weeks on most. Now this year I am at the same time frame with the AI girls....taking photos of big bellies, udders, rears and I know they are due March 22, give or take a few days.

So with that being said: I am going to start the first ever "Guess that ewe" contest!

This will be two part. First part will be to guess the first ewe to lamb in the AI group, and the second part will be who lambs first in the ground breeding group in April. But more on that in April.

The first part will guessing a) which ewe will lamb first, b) how many lambs are born to the ewe, c) sex of the lamb(s) and d) color of lamb(s)

I will write down all ewes that were bred AI and their genotype. The person that is exactly correct for both the AI and ground breeding group will get a complimentary LAMB out of the ground breeding group! That's right a FREE LAMB! Details will be forthcoming in April for the exact lamb, but it would be mutually agreed upon by both myself and the winner.

Those that get either the AI ewe or the ground breeding ewe all correct (but not both) will get $100 off of a lamb purchase here to be used this year (2009).

If no one guesses completely correct, the person who is the CLOSEST in guessing the AI ewe OR the ground breeding ewe OR both, will get $50 off purchase of a lamb from the 2009 lamb crop, OR $50 towards raw fleeces of their choosing from my flock.

I encourage all family, dog friends, sheep friends and pigeon friends to join in the guessing. Guesses can and should be posted on this blog. If you don't want a lamb or can't have one, we can work something else out :)

The ewes for the AI group:
Justalit'l Chloe fawn katmoget (Ab/Ab, Bb/Bb) bred to Greenholme Holly black (Aa/Aa, BB/Bb)

Justalit'l Black Lambo black (BB/B?, Aa/Aa) bred to Heights Orion moorit (Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa)

Underhill Peep musket (Bb/Bb, Ag/Aa) bred to Heights Orion moorit(Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa)

Underhill Ulla moorit (Bb/Bb, Aa/Aa) bred to Shirehill Minder Ag Katmoget(Ag/Ab, Bb/Bb)

River Oaks Lucy -gray katmoget (BB/Bb, Ab/Aa) bred to Willowcroft Jamie moorit (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb)

Justalit'l Shasta Ag flecket (Ag/Aa, BB/B?) bred to Campaign Timothy black (Aa/Aa, BB/Bb)

RYL Rachildas white illget (Awt/Ag, BB/B?) bred to Heights Orion moorit (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb)

FirthofFifth Evidence of Autumn mioget (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb) bred to Heights Orion moorit (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb)

FirthofFifth Rooibos fawn (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb) bred to Heights Orion moorit (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb)

FirthofFifth Booto fawn katmoget (Ab/Aa, Bb/Bb) bred to Heights Orion moorit (Aa/Aa, Bb/Bb) This ewe is more than likely NOT bred to AI but I am including her here anyway.

Sheltering Pines Nirvana gray katmoget (Ab/Aa, BB/B?) bred to Wintertime Blues (Ab/Aa, BB/Bb) This ewe was not bred AI but is due anytime. She is living with the AI girls as they will lamb first so she is included in this group for guessing as well.

Ok bring on the guesses!


Kara said...

Okay I am offering maple syrup or roving for guessing my lamb crop and you are offering a LAMB! Out of the AI girls I am going with Lucy to lamb first, because I do love my kats, I have a dog named Lucy, and she is bred to Jamie who is in Olypia's pedigree. No logical reason of course. I say she will twin, one ewe and one ram, one kat and one moorit.

Bettykins said...

I want to guess - just because. I have no idea what I am doing, so I hope I don't win...
My guess is Firthof Fifth Rooibos, twin girls, one fawn one morrit. Where do I guess on the breeding ground sheep???

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

I'm always up for a guessing game. Let's see, Nirvana will have two katmogets (one ewe, one ram). No spots.

I'll go with two whites from Rahu (one of each).


kristi said...

I am going with Evidence of Autumn because that is my favorite season and she is mioget which is my favorite Shetland color:) And Ohio does have flippin weasels!! I had no idea...the long haired variety is most common in my area....good grief one more thing to think about!!

kristi said...

opps, forgot to say twins, ewe and ram, moorit and mioget, not respectively though, could go either way on color...did I do that right?

Dawn said...

OK can I play too. I know nothing about the sheep except who I think Is cute so on that note- I guess underhill Ulla and she is going to have a littel girl who looks just like her - however that is named. OK? Dawn
PS-Darryl wont let me have a chicken in the basement, I am guesing he wont let me have a lamb either!

Jinnie said...

I'm guessing Peep, will have a boy and it will be musket. I don't know nothing about birthin no lamb babies :-) Beware the Ides of March :-)

Rayna said...

Unfortunately my guess didn't count, cuz it never registered! I wonder if there are other blog posts I'm posting on that aren't leaving comments...Hmmm...Time to investigate.

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