Monday, March 9, 2009

My 2009 theme for lamb names!

My first year was in 2007 and I had 7 ewes lamb with 9 babies. 6 were first time moms and I ended up with 9 lambs that were named after Candy Bars :) My first love! lol

2008 I had 24 ewes lamb with 11 of them first time moms. 32 lambs were the result and my theme was cities in Colorado (My second love!)

2009 theme will be Biblical names and I'm pretty excited about this! I have 35 ewes exposed with 16 that could be first time moms if they were in fact bred.

My 'rule' when I name lambs or calves is that they be named after the first letter of their mothers name. This helps follow how strong a cow's or ewe's progeny make their mark in the herd/flock. My cow Rudie, was my real foundation cow as now over 50% of all of our animals have "R" names that either were born from her, her daughters or granddaughters. And since they all have 'R' names, it keeps getting harder to find enough "R"'s to go around but we've made it work so far!

If anyone wants the links just email me, or you can google "Biblical Names' and many sights do show up!


penni said...

I love naming dogs -- and lambs aren't that far off. If you'll email me the ewes' names, I'll try to come up with some good ones.

Holly said...

That is a great theme!! What fun it is to name your lambs in themes too!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I like your theme, too! The man I bought my first two Shetlands from, Wally Rutledge, had used Biblical names for his sheep the first time I met him at the Oregon State Fair, and that made an impression on me -- part of the reason I bought my first sheep from him!

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