Thursday, March 12, 2009

My 400th post, and AI girls

Wow! 400 posts in just over two years. Thanks to those blogger friends who comment and/or at least read my blog. It helps keep me sane and attached to the world! So thank you and please continue to read and comment about it!

We still have NO AI lambs....which is thankful! During the blizzard and snow and now -18 degree temps without windchill....winter is still here in west central MN. They threaten us witha 15 day forecast of in the lower 40's, upper 30's which would indeed feel like spring. Then we just need to have our 2 feet of snow melt so we can SEE if the grass is turning green LOL.

With no AI lambs yet...the NAME THAT EWE contest is still open to anyone who wishes to guess! It is two parts remember so this is the first phase and then in another 3 weeks or so i will post the ground breeding girls to have you guess the second part. For more details scroll down to read about a past blog that has all the info.


Sharrie said...

Calves are still coming around here. Glad to hear that your sheep have held off for the time being. In west central WI we don't have much snow left, but the cold certainly is here.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Okay I am not going to complain anymore about the 15degrees this morning. Nope not going to complain anymore!

Congrats on our 400th post!

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