Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Photos of most recent lambs

Last night FirfthofFifth Rooibos starting have contractions standing up. She never laid down and gave birth to her son, WhitePine Rufus a very lively moorit based ram lamb out of Heights Orion. I've watched Rooibos lamb all three years I've had her and she's never stood up. Nirvana was in the next jug over watching intently (she was in early labor and her first lambs!) and after the lamb plopped onto the ground Nirvana looked at me with an expression like "HOLY CRAP! WHAT IS THAT! AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE THAT TOO??!!" I laughed out loud it was hysterical :)
Here is WhitePine Rufus! A spunky single boy. He is 62.5% UK out of Heights Orion.
mom and baby

Sheltering Pines Nirvana gave birth about 20 minutes after Rooibos and also gave birth standing up (she took notes from Rooibos) and produced a wildly patterned gray katmoget EWE LAMB with smirslet face, body spots and a white tail. 30 minutes later I was getting upset because she hadn't twined and the first one had nursed and was dried off. All of a sudden I see feet and in the blink of an eye a gorgeous fawn katmoget ewe lamb also came falling out (she was still standing). The gray kat is WhitePine Neriah and the fawn kat is WhitePine Naomi. Both have very tight, even crimpy fleeces. Father is Jazz's twin brother Wintertime Blues! THANKS STEPHEN! >:)

Nirvana with her girls. They are 62% UK out of Wintertime Blues.

A shot of Neriah (gray kat) and Naomi (fawn kat) ewe lambs.
Another shot of WhitePine Neriah.

Poor poor Underhill Peep! She is F2 Greyling F2 Jamie and has been miserable for WEEKS panting her babies were carried so far up in her belly. I thought for sure she was my best bet for triplets but she gave me two almost identical 8 pound babies (one moorit, one musket) out of Heights Orion. BOTH RAM :( But they are 75% UK and their fleeces should turn out wonderful with age. WhitePine Phineas and WhitePine Philemon.
Here is the musket, WhitePine Philemon
Here is the moorit, WhitePine Phineas

Underhill Ulla is still chewing her cud. Will report back when I have more to say :)


Cynthia and Christopher said...

I'm likely Rufus Garrett. What a smashing little guy.

AI lambing is such a trip. Glad to know you have so successfully survived it!

Rayna said...

*arms crossed pouting* lol

Cynthia and Christopher said...

LOL, make that I'm LIKING Rufus. Cynthia

kristi said...

I am thinking, I am thinking your coming to OH for Cardi Regionals....I better stop thinking. Love those kat ewe lambs!!!

Léo said...

I had to clean a lot of drool off my laptop just now thank you very much.

Seriously you have had wonderful luck with your lambs. Simply gorgeous.


country girl said...

Isn't Feedjit fun. I had a visitor from Pakistan the other day. Love your lamb photos.

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

your lambs are very cute

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