Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Real deal. Please read.

This flooding thing is getting out of hand. I realize that Iowa and Wisconsin had huge floods last spring and the Hurricane Katrina did havoc to New Orleans but this river flooding is a big deal in Fargo. There have been BUS loads of people coming from all over ND, MN, SD and even WI to help save the city of Fargo and its sister city across the river Moorhead.

I like to stay on top of the situation and if it weren't for my snow removal business and lambing I'd be up there with my dad helping sandbag. I have so many friends and family that live in this city I ask for your prayers for their safety and their property is saved.

A few links:

There are also several links at the bottom of both pages of other videos.

I am proud to be a Northern Midwesterner where no matter your race, religion or sex, people of all walks of life come together when its important and it make me get emotional every time I think of it. UGH i'm a big softy.


coopercreek said...

Garrett, I will be saying prayers for your friends and city. I'm in a prayerful state right now, so I've added it to my list.


Sharrie said...

This whole world needs more people like you. Never apologize for the fact that you care for other people whether you know them or not.

The people of the flood are added to me list, too.

Holly said...

I too am praying for everyone in the area. I know only too well how powerful prayer is. They are flowing.

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Oh I'm worried about your flooding there's all over the news, our prayers are with all of you there.

And congratulations on all those beautiful lambs - ok, come on, Snow Cloud!

Our volcano blew up this morning while I was out doing chores and milking...I washed the truck hood so I could see if we get any ashfall this time...crossing fingers we get a little of that free fertilizer!

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