Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BFL Inspiration

Oh to have something as gorgeous as these animals in my flock........they are just oozing breed type. I can't stop staring! You MUST really biggify this photo to appreciate their beauty!

This photo was taken at the Royal Highland Show summer of 2008 in the UK. Breeders are David and Jane Cruikshank of the 'Nithsdale' flock. Judge of this show was Robert Neill of the 'Rossiebank' flock. David and Jane eventually took Breed Champion and Male Champion and Reserve Male Champion at this show. This photo I believe is of the Reserve Male Champion (his mother is a Nithsdale General daughter) and the Male Champion that went on to win the Breed Champion.

David if you remember came to the USA for the first time in September and judged the 1st Mule Show and also the white BFLs at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.

His link to his blog can be found on my ever growing list of blogs that I must follow! :)


Sharrie said...

Beautiful, yes, but tooooooo big for someone like me. You could handle that, but I like the little Shetlands.

Carol Bator said...

I saw these beautiful photos of BFL's being shown in the UK, but I could not figure out how to save them to my computer. One thing I wanted to point out was the fact that not only are these sheep not haltered, but it seems that two or three fingers under the chin is all it takes to keep them standing beautifully for the judge. The lamb in this photo is being held with two hands, but all of the adults had just a few fingers under the chin to hold them. I continue to be amazed by how docile my BFL's are. If they had Shetland personalities in BFL bodies, they would be unmanagable. But it anything, my BFL's are easier to handle than my Shetlands.

And yes, these UK show sheep are what I would love to see in my flock some day. They are awesome.

stephen rouse said...

They are a regal looking animal. I love the way they move.


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