Thursday, March 12, 2009

updated website

I've spent the last few hours updating my website. New photos of some of the girls, fleeces added to my FIBER page, and animals available also updated.

Just for fun, stop by and check it out!

Kim Nikolai of Kimberwood Farm came up today to pick up the grass fed beef that she purchased from me. It was I think EIGHT huge boxes of meat, I believe close to 700 pounds of hanging weight? It was a good deal ;) And cold enough it made the trip back to her place without thawing! I hope she likes it!!

After lunch, Kim and I went to meet the infamous Lil at the "At Loose Ends" yarn shop. In the summer you can see people spinning and knitting and whatnot out side on these large tables with lots of chairs. They were no where to be seen today, except for snow, and this was my first trip into the store to meet Lil. She's a hoot! Kim picked out some really colorful yarns to make booties for her first Grandbaby that is due in August!

We then drove to my farm to see the sheep and she and I were able to talk sheep for a few hours and feel 'normal' talking to someone else who 'gets sheep' and understands the genetic jibber and pedigree talk. It was a GOOD day :) It was so much fun to see Kim! Come back anytime!


Kim Nikolai said...

I had a great time too Garrett! I made it to my sister's to deliver her part of the beef and then home to load ours into our almost empty freezer which is now FULL of beef! Took some rib eye steaks out to thaw and can't wait to grill them up! Thanks for the excellent and HEALTHY grass fed beef!!!

Good luck with your AI lambs and keep me posted!

Kara said...

I need to find me some grass fed beef here. DH wants to raise our own steer...we will see. I'd rather let someone else raise it, but grass fed is harder to find. You did a very nice job on your websight.

Cynthia and Christopher said...

Very nice update Garrett. Cynthia

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