Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting ready for the National!

I've been quite busy talking sheep the last month or so, so for my dog friends, here is another post for you :)

I've been talking to JoAnne Beashau about our trip to the National. I'm bunking with her and Ferris again and we have LISTS of things to bring. She is already mostly packed. I think if there was a fire in her house, only the dog related stuff would survive as its already in the truck :)

My grooming spot is already planned out with quite a few people. We've got people from Ontario, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico and Minnesota grooming together....oh and Louisiana I believe. Talk about a wild and crazy bunch! I can't wait for the wine....mmmmmm

I am NOT taking Mitcham (sorry Sarah!) as there is just no room. I'm taking five dogs down, and bringing six dogs back, and add to that all the extra crates, dolly, crate pads, grooming supplies/totes, dog food and water and then MY stuff like suitcase, bedding (they are making us bring our own comforters for the beds) and a cooler for food and adult beverage....i will definitely need to take the Expedition. I've even purchased a Cargo Carrier for the hitchplug as I don't think I'll have enough room.

I've entered Sadie in the most things: Open Jumpers, Novice Standard, Rally Novice. Oliver is in Rally Advanced but I don't think with all the practice we are doing, he will ever settle down enough to do it off leash. He's just so super excited to be doing rally with his daddy that he can hardly concentrate on sitting and instead runs circles around me several times at each station. Silly goof! Justice is entered in breed mostly for the experience. It'll be his first time in the ring...just like big sister Ell's was last year. Ell is maturing so we are not showing her and Zoe is not something that Jon would like. He told me so last year at the National, so why would I enter him now? :) I have Zoe, Ell and another dog getting their CERF at the National and then I am attending the DM seminar. Justice, Ell and Zoe are entered for the Three Trails CWC Club Specialty on the Sunday following BOB.

Add to that a night in Kansas City with some of my buddies from college for a night out on the town, a stop on the way back at a well educated friends house to go over Cardigans and many nights of wine and commodore at the National each night.

I ran out of money to do anything in the Herding Trials. I wanted to do the Herding Instinct Test but Dina told me they were not sanctioned by the AKC and I could think of other things to spend my $35/dog on. she told me to enter Sadie and Oliver in the herding trial but they have no professional training and i wouldn't know what to do with them if I tried. Sure make them go through some cones....it SOUNDS easy enough. If only Suzanne in Alaska would take a long week to come visit me and train my dogs with me :) I can't fly with Sadie....she has too much metal in her body to pass through the metal detectors :)

Next year's national is a hike and a half for me but I plan on attending, even if for a few days. Way out in Gettysburg, PA! Lord knows what I will have to show any way, and I wanted to get out there to see Kathy Davidson's BFLs and Shetlands in PA and she has volunteered to take me to Baltimore and D.C. to sight see. I've never been to the NE or mid-Atlantic states before so that should also be very exciting.


Franna said...

Good for you competing in agility and rally! DH's Labrador, Thomas, entertained everyone by chasing his tail on one of the about turns in Rally Novice. Dad obviously wasn't walking fast enough!
I hope you have a great time!
- Franna

coopercreek said...

I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Not sure who we'll be grooming by. That's cool that you'll have a large group to groom with. I hope we're close to you. I just wanna have fun!!! Where will you be staying?


Dawn said...

Here hoping that you will come home with lots of Q's and that Sadie and Oliver do you proud in the performance venue. I am sure they will. And I hope Justice's first time in the breed ring is a success as well.

When are you going to come down this way to play??

Cindy said...

Can't wait to see you down there and I'm sure the dogs will do you proud!!!


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

How fun! I'm just amazed at people who can train dogs to do all that. I can barely get mine to come when they are called.

Sherilyn said...

Can't wait to see you and watch some of the rally and obedience. Rus & I can't get down there til late Monday night, but Bekka will be there on Saturday with Cindy M, so I'm sure she'll be there cheering you on Monday. We'll be there to watch on Tuesday! :) Best of luck and can't wait to see little Justice in the ring, too! He can Cristal can make fools out of you and Bekka (yes, she's going to show Crissy at Nationals...whooooo hoooooo!!!) :) I'm so proud of her...she did a great job in DeWitt last weekend with Dove, so I think a new handler has been born!! :D

Hugs! See you soon!! We will have a blast!

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