Saturday, March 28, 2009

AI stats

Well here is the break down of lambs for AI:

Total AI Lambs: 17
Total Ram lambs: 14
Total Ewe lambs: 3

Nice ration huh? :)

three black rams
two fawn katmoget rams
two musket rams (one is Hst)
two white rams
four moorit based rams
one gray katmoget ram
two moorit based ewes
one fawn katmoget ewe

Weights: Average weight was seven pounds
lowest weight: 5.5#
highest weight: 8#

Mostly all nice sized lambs!

Seven ewes twinned, three ewes singled with the singles coming from two year old ewes, the twins from mature ewes.

Orion I used six straws and got 8 ram lambs and 2 ewes
Holly I used one straw and got 1 ram lamb and 1 ewe
Minder I used one straw and got 2 ram lambs
Timothy I used one straw and got 2 ram lambs
Jamie I used one straw and got 1 ram lamb.

Overall I'm quite impressed with structure and many of the lambs have a very single coated, even fleece with very few primary follicles. They did not necessarily come from my softest ewes however.

I did get spots (krunet, smirslet and sokket) and modified (mioget and fawn) and the Jamie lamb appears to have no horn buds at this time. His grandfather Sheltering Pines Bombarde is a poll carrier and down from Roban Dillon lines, so its a possiblility as most of the other boys already have substantial horn buds.


penni said...

Do you really want more boys than girls -- or are you funning us? With the dogs, I always hoped for more female puppies -- and that's what buyers wanted. The exception, of course, being a top show boy -- as if a breeder is normally going to sell a boy that good.

If it was rams you wanted, then you REALLY got them. If not, I'm sorry.

Franna said...

Wow! If someone's looking for AI rams, I know where to send them!
Looking forward to "watching" them grow.
Will you be traveling "west" this year?
- Franna

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hey Garrett,

Congratulations on all of those incredible babies. It's wonderful that everything seemed to go well with the births too. I hope they all grow up healthy and turn into some exciting additions to your flock. They are beautiful!

Juliann said...

Very cool! If I were to do AI, I would want tons of ram lambs to spread those F2's around.
That Jamie ram lamb sounds like someone worth keeping an eye on. Hope he's polled!

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