Monday, March 16, 2009

Biding My Time

Penni gave Holly a great idea on her comments for her last blog. Simply make plans to do something like go out for coffee with a friend, or something that would require you to be busy. THEN the puppies/lambs will come. So today I took Penni's advice and went to town for lunch with the family. I took Oliver along and he was the official greeter at my brother-in-law's shop that he owns. Oliver liked a few people, others he barked at and then went over to wagging his tail and some he just plain didn't like. I told them he was my tool for good judgment of character ;)

I took some photos of the snow. JoAnne cannot believe we still have so much snow and to counter Michelle's blog with all her beautiful flowers I thought I'd show some photos of day 3 of the big melt down. (snow that is, not least i don't think so?)
Looking at my house from the driveway. yes that is a full size Expedition :)

Looking at the red barn which is now home to my pigeons. It used to be our dairy calf barn. 28'x54' with electricity, running water, (and heated waterers in the winter), ventilation system, insulated and soon to be a 'office' with an old bathtub as a sink so to wash their waterers, feed pans, and perhaps dogs as well...stay tuned!

The water has no where to go but THROUGH the huge snow banks. This is where there IS a road in the summer months but who can tell. I thought the water was kinda murky for spring but nonetheless peaceful.

A view of the first sheep pasture. Look at that standing water in the SNOW. There is really no where for it to go yet. We are just finally seeing the stalks of what is left of the spring must surely be coming!


Sharrie said...

Nice to see pictures of the place you call home. Sorry about all the snow. We have only piles left. That is just fine with me.

penni said...

Hmmm. So that didn't work? Are the lambs actually due now or are you enjoying early anticipation? The hint I gave Holly is only effective if the babies are due.

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