Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some photos on a bright sunny and warm day

I thought the above photo was gorgeous :) The back of my parents house is in the background. If you look really close you can see Mac outside :)

SEE! :P No one would believe me if I didn't post a photo of how nice it was outside!

Indeed it was 45 degrees today. And look at all that snow that still has to melt! Egads!
These three girls above are in my AI group that is due in two weeks. Underhill Peep (musket) is bred to Heights Orion, Underhill Ulla (moorit) is bred to Shirehill Minder and RYL Rachildas (white) is bred to Heights Orion. Look at those LOW bellies!
Above are the Sommarang girls, Eva (gray katmoget) and Emerland (black flecket). They were not bred this last fall at Lori's and will be two this spring.
Above is ShelteringPines Fleur de Lis (smirslet gray katmoget) and RiverOaks Eliza (white). Fleur was bred to Jazz in hopes of spotted katmogets and Eliza was bred to Barish in hopes of some gorgeous poll carriers! They will both be AI'ed the next time I do AI.
A moorit based shot. FirthofFifth Rooibs and Evidence of Autumn in the upper left. They are both bred to Heights Orion. Ulla is the shorter ewe on the top right and Peep is showing us her backside.

Above is Underhill Peep again, my F2 Greyling/F2 Jamie ewe. She always rooes her neck this time of year, as do some of my other girls.
Here is a pathetic Justalit'l Chloe. She is bred to Greenholme Holly. She is SO uncomfortable in this photo! They were all panting they were so warm today, but still stood and sunned themselves. Guess you can't have it both ways :)

*WARNING* rear end of sheep below!
This is Justalit'l Shasta's waddling away from me. She's definitely pregnant!
This ewe LOVES to be scratched...but on her terms. If you try to walk up to her or move to fast away from her she freaks out! As soon as you quit moving she is right there, politely waiting to be pet. She is bred to Campaign Timothy. If I get an Ag girl from her I will have Shasta for sale this summer.

Below is RYL Rachildas. Note the large black spot on her neck. and all the illget marking/phaeo on her legs and face. She is definintely white and not a big white spot. She only throws white and Ag (Awt/Ag) and black based lambs (BB/BB) as her Ag's are always black based.


Somerhill said...

I hate to burst your bubble, Garrett, but it was 57 degrees overnight here in Ohio.

Kim Nikolai said...

Wow! Your Chloe looks an awful lot like my KitKat. I had to look at pedigrees and they are half sisters! They must have taken after dad......

Rayna said...

It's all nasty and slushy here...rained and then snowed on top of it last night :( Nice photos though! :)

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