Tuesday, March 3, 2009

BFL fleece samples

I finally bribed my dad to help me take samples of the Shetland rams and all the BFLs. I've tried to take photos that do them justice, but with3x optical zoom they probably won't!

Below is Beechtree Mayburgh - White Yearling ewe. F3 Titus, F4/F5 Ebony Boy, F4/F5/F6 Laird, F5 Jamie, F5/F6 Loyalty.
Potosi Glamorgan - white yearling ewe. F2 CarryHouse V2, F4/F6 Laird, F4 EbonyBoy, F5 Jamie
Sheltering Pines Nubia - Yearling Natural Colored ewe. F3/F4/F4 Titus, F4 CarryHouse V2, F5/F5/F5 Ebony Boy, five times back to Loyalty, 13 times back to Laird, 4 times to Jamie. In other words....LOADS of UK :)

Sheltering Pines Morovia aka "Ears" - white yearling ewe. F3/F4 Carryhouse V2, F4/F4 Titus, F5/F5 EbonyBoy, twice back to Jamie, 5 times to Loyalty, 11 times back to Laird. Again, lots of UK :)

Potosi Llandewi - my finest fleece hands down! Tightly purled, high luster, amazing feel. F2 Titus, F4 Ebony Boy, F4/F5 Loyalty, F4 Jamie, F5/F5/F6/F6 Laird.

Beechtree Kiloran - Natural Colored Yearling Ewe - fine, tightly purled fleece. She is F3 Titus, F4 Ebony Boy, F4/F6 Loyalty, F5/F6 Jamie, F4/F5/F6/F6 Laird.

Beechtree Kershope - Two year old white ewe - very soft and more dense fleece. F3 Titus, F3 Carryhouse V2, F4 Titan, F5 Ebony Boy, F5 Jamie, F5/F5/F6/F6 Laird, F5/F6 Loyalty.

Crosswind Farm Clover - White yearling ewe. Soft soft soft! F3 CarryHouse V2, F3 Titus, F4 Ebony Boy, F5 Jamie, F5/F5 Loyalty, F5/F5/F6/F6 Laird

Sheltering Pines Burma - Natural colored Yearling Ram- He has tightly purled, fine fleece. F2/F3 CarryHouse V2, F4/F4 Titus, F6/F6 Ebony Boy, F7/F7 Jamie, and he goes back to Laird eight times :)

Crosswind Farm Bea - Natural Colored yearling ewe. She has the softest fleece with tight purls. F3 Carryhouse V2, F3 Titus, F4 Ebony Boy, F6 Jamie, F5/F5/F6/F6 Loyalty, F5/F5/F6/F6/F6 Laird.

All of this years BFL fleeces have already been spoken for. Thank you again to the buyers!


Theresa said...

Nice BFL fleeces Garrett!!!

susan said...

I can't tell which ones are the shetland. Are these all BFL's, or are there some shetland rams in there?

If you havn't sent the fleece samples you were going to send will you put a BLF's in there. I'd like to see what they look in feel like in person.

Nubia, patosi, and clover were my favorite from the pictures.

Garrett808 said...

Hi Susan! These are all BFLs, check my newest post for the Shetland rams.

Rayna said...

*still in love with Nubia's fleece*

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