Saturday, April 5, 2008

Calving update

For those of you with a soft spot for cattle (or at least baby ones!)

This was our 'first born' this year to a cow that used to be mine, but through the years ended up in my dad's possession due to some 'favors' that I owed him for :) Isn't she cute?!

The black speckle faced cow is Keeley. Also one of my cows, now belonging to my dad. She has a solid black day old heifer calf laying next to her. To Keeley's left is my 2 year old Cindy. She gave birth to the only spotted calf (so far) this only heifer so far!

Here is Regina. She is due any day....and with the way she is could be tonight in our alleged snow storm. Yippee!
"If we don't move.....maybe he won't see us!"

These little guys all got tagged yesterday and are a little hesitant of us now....for good reason. The yellow tags are MY calves, the orange tags my dads.
These girls are going into 'binge eating' mode because they heard the storm is a'comin'!!

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Rayna said...

Aww the blaze face is cute :)

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