Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Micron Reports

I got my ram micron reports back from Yocom-McColl and was pleasantly surprised. I sent all of my ewes to Texas A & M because it was less than $40 to do all of my 30 ewes!

While its not the end-all be-all of Shetland Sheep breeding, its a great and cheap tool to help decide breedings besides the conformation, color, fleece type/consistency, and temperament that also play roles in my decisions.

I'd say most of the boys are looking good, just have to keep that CV down. Has anyone else done micron testings this spring? Their lamb micron reports are going to be listed as well to show how they stayed somewhat similiar.

In order the numbers are AFD, SD, CV and %>30

Jazz lamb fleece: 19.8 4.4 22.2 0.9
Jazz yrlg fleece: 20.6, 4.6, 22.3, 2.2

He barely budged!

Barish lamb fleece: 24.5 6.4 26.1 15.6
Barish yrlg fleece: 20.6 5.6 27.2 5.3

Also another nice test!

PayDay lamb fleece: 23.3 8.8 37.8 17.5
PayDay yrlg fleece: 20.4 7.3 35.8 8.5

lookin good!

Rolo lamb fleece: 21.9 6.7 30.6 12.1
Rolo yrlg fleece: 20.0 7.1 35.5 10.5

Not too shabby!

Heath lamb fleece: 22.4 5.9 26.3 8.5
Heath yrlg fleece: 18.9 6.3 33.3 6.2

some good, some could be better

All in all a great learning experience for me. I was able to see them from conception to birth (well I planned it for them), birth to weaning, weaning to breeding, breeding to overwintering and now up to shearing. I can say that I'm quite pleased! I can't wait to see the results of the girls and see how much they 'stuck' to their last year fleece tests. What's also going to be interesting is that the ewes that I first got....this will be their 3rd fleece test, so I'm waiting to see if they 'hold' or not or if they change, why and learn more. When you stop learning, you stop living right? :)

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