Thursday, April 24, 2008

Halfway there...

Halfway there and I thought I'd recap:

16 ewes have lambed (14 to go)
12 ewes, 10 rams

7 sets of twins from mature ewes
8 sets of singles:
5 mature ewes
3 yearling ewes

14 jazz offspring: six katmogets, 7 solid black (with/without head marking) 1Ag
3 forrest offspring: 1 gulmoget, 1 ag, 1 solid black
2 aman offspring: 1 white, 1 bersugget (ag)
2 heath offspring: 1 katmoget, 1 solid moorit
2 barish offspring: 2 solid black (with or without head markings)

Left to lamb:
2 mature ewes, both bred to Barish
12 yearling ewes:
3 to Heath
1 to Forrest
4 to Barish
4 to Jazz

When its all said and done I'll repost with all the results.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Maybe there IS a good thing to being a very small place. :) Oh, to be young again and have half your stamina. :)

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