Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CWCCA National Specialty

Well my very first national was here and gone. I can't believe its over already!

I made many new great friends, I met many people who I'd only heard about, emailed, or called on the phone with before. I learned an amazing amount of knowledge.....I had breeder judges, judges and breeders all go over my two girls Ell and Zoe and appreciate and respect all of their opinions. Needless to say I'm VERY excited about my girls and the future of Ebonwald!

I had tried to breed Maggie (Can/Am CH Vermillion's Maggie May) to Fudge (CH Trudytales About Last Night) back in January. I was able to meet Elaine Collins, his owner/breeder, Fudge's grandma (who was bet veterans bitch 9-11 yrs old), and many of Fudge's offspring. Fudge was in the final nine dogs/bitches for Best In Specialty Show and he received his Award of Merit, along with CH Kingsbury's I'm Harry P (who is the best known Cardigan out there...usually in all of the shows on TV). Fudge has never been specialed and I truly can say with confidence that Fudge SHOULD have won the show. He is an amazing dog for anyone who has seen him and I'm eager to try again this winter with Fudge and Maggie.

I was also able to meet Ell's uncle Petey (who looks exactly like her dad Prince) and her mother Vayda, and her brother and sister Jesse and Flash. What an amazing bunch! Many thanks also to Jon Kimes, Pixie Lauer and Barb Hoffman for educating me, answering all my hundreds of questions and making my first national truly enjoyable and memorable!!

Also thanks to JoAnne Beashau, Ferris Beashu, and Tiffany Green for allowing me to stay with you in your camper. Its really too bad Kenny had to be neutered huh? What a dog and what a shame he won't be residing at Ebonwald with us! JoAnne made me feel right at home and part of the family and always making me laugh! She has so much knowledge about the breed, the dogs and the people behind them, its truly amazing to listen to her talk about them. Thanks for letting me help do poop patrol and help in the silent auction!

I was able to meet and talk to so many long time breeders and those friends whom I've only known through email. What a great opportunity for all those involved in the breed to be a part of such a great thing! Herding, Tracking, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Conformation.....all things the Cardigans can and will do with ease....a truly versatile breed! Thanks again to everyone on their praises and comments on the girls....makes me feel good to know that others are watching what I'm doing, how my girls are progressing and to compliment me on them, well that's just a humbling experience. Thanks again!

And I was so busy I didn't get ONE photo taken!! Dang it!

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Rayna said...

WHAT?! No photos?! I'm ashamed Garrett... :P

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