Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WinterSky Layla

I'm bad at guessing games I guess. Layla was not the one I thought would be next! Three of the Minwawe yearlings have been waddling like a toddler with a full diaper for the past week, not eating much and having swollen back ends. I noticed Layla laying down by herself in the corner and figured she'd be going last night. I was too tired to stay and watch...I actually got more than a 2 hour nap last night!! I awoke to a nursing, dried of MOORIT ram lamb(my first moorit of the year)! This is my first Heath lamb and he's adorable!

Layla is an F1 Orion and Heath is a linebred Tennyson son. He is also 47% UK. Both Heath and Layla go back to Underhill Loretta Lynne and the Rarebriar flock, which was the purpose of this breeding. SHOOT its a boy! But I'm still at 2:1 ratio for girls to boys!!
Isn't he so cute...blinking at the flash and all ;)

Considering how long I've been lambing I still only have 10 ewes that HAVE lambed...and 20 more TO lamb! GAH!! Hurry up!! :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

My GOODNESS you're going to have a lot of lambs!

Kathy said...

He's a beauty, Garrett! I just have two other girls to lamb in about 2 weeks, I think....can't be sure when they settled exactly...but your description of the way these ewes look (toddler with a loaded diaper) is a great, and accurate, one! :)
Can't wait to see what's next!

Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

Congrats on the Moorit Garrett! Go take a look at my blog, I had 2 Moorit Krunets born this afternoon, both tight crimp fleeces,one out of a solid black and the other a solid Moorit neither showing any spots, both sired by Minwawe Barbados, who is out of Tropical by Two Spots. :-)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Are we to believe you haven't had any more lambs since Tuesday? (I have!)

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