Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ram Lambs For Sale

I had read on several blogs that people wanted to know what lambs were available. Its really sad for me to say this but I was really hoping for all girls! I am keeping both Jazz and Barish (for now) and realize that I'd be doubling up too much if I kept their sons. If they were ewes they would never be going anywhere. Some, I'd like to 'grow on' but in the end I realize they will more than likely become available. Others are Ag and I personally don't want a ram that will spread that Ag like wildfire in my flock. Just a personal preference. Had either been a girl, i would have kept them too :) And since I have a plethora of black ewes and grey katmoget ewes, I really want to hold out for a moorit or moorit gulmoget ram from someone for the fall groundbreedings of the ewe lambs (its crazy i'm not even done with lambing and already thinking of this fall!)

Below is a bit of description of each boy with mostly current photos. For inquiries please email me privately at gramsay@arvig.net

We'll go in order of age:
WhitePine Arvada grey katmoget smirslet
(Wintertime Jazz x FirthofFifth Assam Meleng)
56% UK, F2 Jericho, F3 Drum Ram, F4 Drum Jings, F5 Jamie, F5 Holly, F5 Timothy, F5 Timothy, F5 Gordon.
His mother is Shaela and carries spotting and moonspotting. Father is grey katmoget. Arvada could be homozygous black, but could also carry moorit. Super crimpy fleece, consistent from front to rear, nice square build. Currently a big momma's boy. I have fleece samples and micron reports on both parents for the past three tests for Meleng and past two tests for Jazz. I haven't seen a softer ram than Jazz. Period.

WhitePine Lyons (black smirlset, could be modified)
(Wintertime Jazz x Bono Creek Lavender Brown)
62% Uk, F2 Jericho, F3 Drum Ram, F4 Drum Jings, F4 Jamie, F5 Gordon
This guy may be modified as he is not 'jet black' but more of a steeley dark grey. His mother is a dark fawn color. He is also quite consistent from front to back, and according to this photo, will be quite the ladies man. He will have nice big horns. I again have fleece samples and micron reports for the past three tests on both parents. He is also carrying moorit and is BBBb AaAa.

WhitePine Rico (bersugget)
(FirthofFifth Aman x RYL Rachildas)
37.5% UK, F2 Orion, F4 Lightning, F5 Jamie, F5 Holly
His dad is an Orion son who is modified. Both parents have a gorgeous crimpy fleece (he is shown above with his mom and sister). He has a gorgeous bersugget pattern and is AgAa and BBBb. If only he was a girl! (for me) I have both fleece samples and micron reports for both parents.

WhitePine Parker (musket smirslet, POLLED) and WhitePine Peyton (black gulmoget smirslet)
Wintertime Black Forrest x Underhill Peep
50% UK, F3 Dillon, F3 Greyling, F3 Jamie, F4 Greyling
Sons of the super soft, super crimpy, solid sided gulmoget of Meghan Namaste's I was truly hoping for girls from this breeding...dang it! However both these boys have a lot to offer someone else. Parker, the musket has very dense, very crimpy fleece and both are built like brick houses and very squar. Peyton the Gulmoget will be a lot like his dad....dog hair at birth but then shed it out and have a gorgeous crimpy fleece. Both carry spotting and possibly modifieds (from their dad). I have fleece samples and reports for both parents again.

WhitePine Romeo (black, button scurs)
FirthofFifth Barish x FirfthofFifth Rahu
42% UK, F2 Timothy, F4 Dillon, F5 Greyling, F5 Lightning, F7 Greyling
I believe he will be jet black like his grandpa Timothy. Timothy was jet black at age 9 yet. Again have fleece samples and micron reports for both parents as lamb fleeces and yearling fleeces.

WhitePine Grover (black, POLLED)
FirthofFifth Barish x Wintertime Gracie
36% UK, F2 Timothy, F5 Jamie, F5 Timothy, F5 Holly, F7 Greyling
He could be possibly polled. He will also be jet black like his grandpa. I have fleece samples for both parents as well as micron reports.

Please email me privately at gramsay@arvig.net for further information.

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