Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm still learning!!

I went out to check horn buds on all the ram lambs when I brought them in for their evening feeding.

Boy was I surprised!

If what I'm feeling/seeing is true I have some exciting news for you pollie nuts!

WhitePine Parker, the musket smirslet out of Forrest and Peep is a smooth poll. At three weeks old he has ZERO horn bud and only hair where the bud should be!!!

Dito for Barish x Gracie's boy Grover.

And Rahu's boy, he's appearing to have just tiny button scurs. Time will tell

The rest of the boys are going to have fairly large horns, which is fine by me!

Where is Juliann when I need her....I wish we all lived much closer....learning would be much faster!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Boy, if either Peyton or Arvada (ESPECIALLY Peyton) were the smooth-polled ramlings, I'd be really struggling with myself here! The only thing keeping me from doing something stupid, like buying a sheep when I need to be selling sheep, is that your older smooth-headed boy is musket, and like you, I'd like to get away from Ag in my ram. But IF someone wants to buy Braveheart at Black Sheep, and IF you still have a smooth-headed ram lamb available, we might have to work something out....

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Hey Garrett,

Your micron reports look fabulous. And it's cool that you have some polled genetics going on. I still am holding out to see the rest of Barish's lambs. But Parker is tempting. I have mostly solid black (moorit recessive) ewes so a musket is appealing. Especially if he stayed polled!

Hope all is well with you there. I'm still holding out for one more ewe. I think she should go by tomorrow. She looks close.

Take care.

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