Friday, April 25, 2008

Dutch Hookbills

After the minks last year wiped me out of 5 generations of Swedish Duck breeding, as well as my Silver Appleyards and Saxonys, I didn't know if I wanted more ducks. Granted I had ONE Swedish duck left, a hen, but didn't know if I wanted more.

A friend of mine who has pigeons, and does a lot of importing of them from Germany and other parts of Europe came over to get a few pair of my homing pigeons to use as foster parents for other breeds.

We got to talking about poultry (both of us also like them) and he told me he had some of these Dutch Hookbills. I didn't have to pay for them and he'd give them to me. Two drakes (grey) and one hen (white). They also apparently come in bibbed (like the Swedes!) One of the males has the preferred hooked bill (you can see it in the photos) while the other two have less than desirable beaks, they are very useful for b reeding. I just might order some more of them from Holderead's in Oregon.

I also have ordered 15 black and blue Swedish ducklings......I can't help it, I'm smitten with those docile birds with the cute white bibs!

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