Monday, April 21, 2008

Underhill Peep

Peep is a musket that was bred by Gail Former. She was bred to Wintertime Black Forrest, a black gulmoget from Meghan Namaste's breeding program. I was hoping for Ag gulmoget ewe lambs in black and moorit (seriously I was) and I got a musket ram lamb and a black gulmoget ram lamb. Well, I can't always get what I want now can I?! Peep is the sweetest ewe I have had to date...always begging or pleading (politely most of the time) to be scratched, pet or rubbed.

Here is WhitePine Peyton, the black gulmoget boy. he has white specks on his forehead and between his ears so I'm assuming that that is 'smirslet' however I'm sure it will all but disappear when he gets a few weeks older

Its hard to tell in the photos but this boy, WhitePine Parker, is not moorit. He looks modified with gold tones. Now in the photos it looks just like Ag with the fleece already changing (his scrotum is already pure grey) but he appears 'golden' in the sun. I'm still going to just call him musket, but will make note to see if his legs and head change to a lighter color after his body has stopped the color production.

His fleece is completely different than his brothers...very tight crimpy curls. I'm interested in seeing how both boys mature. He also has smirslet markings on top of his head. Must be the year for head spots!?


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...


Such a nice bunch of lambs. I hope your homecoming smooths itself out. Glad to hear from you again. Love the photos.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Yes, it does seem to be the year for head spots. All three of my ram lambs have them (the ewe lamb is white). I kind of expect them on Val's lamb(s), too -- and I may see those today!

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