Friday, April 4, 2008

Lamb Day

I let the momma's and babies out today for the first time. The lambs started out slow like in a marching band when they turn the pivots and the rest are all in a line with the one on the far end nearly running. When they did this a few times they then started 'popcorning' and then took off on the first lamb races of the year. MAN ARE THEY CUTE!! I could watch them all day long....too bad I have grown up things to do :)

Centennial (grey katmoget) and Silverthorne Ag krunet burrit?) showing off their opposite markings.

I think they have become buddies!!

This is Maybell. She is available for sale with NCWGA. She is so striking with those spots and looks to boot!

Arvada doesn't shy from his mom too far! I also see he is now blettet after he is dried off. The spots I'm seeing this year!!
This Centennial again. Both she and Arvada have the fleece that is evidently going to be quite crimpy. All lambs are very inquisitive and love to come up to me and sniff, chew and climb over me. Mothers come over to check it all out and make sure I'm doing anything to them. Don't worry girls....not yet! :)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

So nice to see your babies out in the sun. It will be a few weeks before we have enough lambs here to have lamb races, but Blizz and Bluster are already training for the "popcorn sheep" event!

shepherdchik said...

Centennial really is striking! I used to live in Yoder, CO when I was a kid. I think you'd need a pretty homely lamb to pin that name on though.

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