Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wintertime Gracie and WhitePine Grover

Well I thought Rahu's boy would be possibly polled, but it seems he will probably be scurred. No biggie. I swore Gracie would give me triplets with the size of her belly, but gave me a tiny 3# 8oz ram lamb SINGLE! I was quite shocked. I was even FURTHER shocked to see that he had HAIR growing where his horn buds should be! I thought for sure it was a ewe. In the photo it looks like horn buds....and they could be I guess...but why haven't they broken the skin? Is he indeed polled and they are just leathery patches with the hair on them? I want to see a new born polled ram so I can tell with me. This is nerve wracking! This little boy is an F2 Timothy and is JET BLACK with very consistent fleece. All my lambs seem to be very consistent. Even the two ewe lambs with the wavier fleece in the back....I picked them up and saw that all the fleece since they were born is very crimpy and as consistent as the front of them. Its really noticable in Rye's fleece.
Castle Rocks Fleece. Harder to tell here but she DOES have that crimpy stuff growing where that wave was before.

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