Friday, April 25, 2008

Minwawe Dixie Cup

Lamb races at 7am today
Snow storm at 3pm today

Well the Minwawe crew here has finally decided to gimme a lamb! The rest of them all look like they are about to pop. And they should! Its now only 27 degrees and heavily snowing! We are expected to get another foot of snow! Pity as just this week I've been mowing the lawn (spring clean up), getting fences fixed, machinery greased and ready to to into the fields and trying to start clean ups for my business, no thanks to my mower starting on fire!

I gathered the girls up around 2:30pm today when the snow started. I figured I'd rather have them INSIDE than outside in this terrible weather. It keeps getting worse out there...windier and whiter!

I went out to feed the afternoon hay and their grain mix about an hour later and there was a tiny black smirslet ewe lamb standing and trying to nurse off of her momma. WHAT THE HECK! she wasn't even acting funny today, she's such a pig at the feeders too...hmm...guess I have more to learn! I jugged her and baby Denver and they seem to be doing well!
Dixie Cup and her daughter Denver have just about the same markings! Denver and Temi's girl, Trinidad are both sired by Barish and both have the 'head band' or 'chin strap' marking on them


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

When I read "Denver," I assumed a ram lamb as there is a boy in our church congregation named Denver. Have you used the name Aurora yet? It's a much more feminine-sounding city!

Garrett808 said...

Michelle. I also know a Denver that is a guy, but I have a strict naming system here. All babies must be named after the 1st letter of their mother. So it has to be a 'D'. All the other D names seemed quite masculine!

Kathy said...

Garrett, you must be getting OUR weather! And we'd like it back, pluheez! LOL! We have had the driest April on record for AZ and are now in fire season! It's dry, dry, dry!
Having a blizzard? The ewes will lamb for sure! It's the law, isn't it? Just don't get stuck in a snowbank! :)

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